M4000 Mixer

Easy to use – Suitable for all types of dental materials in capsules.

Protective transparent
cover – Reduce noise during high speed mixing. Covers arm and
capsule and when opening the lid mixing immediately stops.

LED Display – Exact and clear settings.

Multi-use mixer – Suitable for all types of dental materials in capsules.

Disinfection friendly – Safe and simple infection control cleaning. Only one surface cover simplify cleaning with any disinfectant solution.

Reinforced Carbon Fiber Arms with Universal design – More durable than metal arms and allows for mixing of all types of encapsulated dental materials.

Vibration absobers – The mixer will operate quiet and with minimal vibration, advantages
that ensures the stability and keeps the mixer in place.

Speed efficient – From 0 to 4,200 RPM immediately.

Complete mixing – Universal mixer for amalgam, glass ionomers and other pre-dosed dental materials in capsules and syringes.

Touch Pad and Memory – Easy setting and programmable with 10 pre-stored mixing times.

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