ANA Glass Powder+Liquid

ANA Glass™is the optimal choice for a modern, strong and high quality Glass Ionomer for multi-purpose use. Thanks to the very high compressive strength, perfect condensable structure and handling properties we are tempted to call it “the white amalgam”. It can be modelled immediately without sticking to the instruments and have a perfect marginal adaption during the placement.

The fluoride release is also very high, almost double compared to many of the competitive products on the market, another good reason to use ANA Glass™, avoiding secondary caries.

• Restorations of Class I, III and V
• Core Build-up
• Base/Liner
• Temporary restorations

• Very high Fluoride release
• Very high Compressive strength

– Non Sticky
– Packable/Condensable
– Adjustable consistency
– High compressive strength
– High Fluoride release

– Will not pull away from prep or stick to instruments
– Easy to handle, place and shape
– Fits your exact need of firmness
– Assure durability and wear
– Highest protection from secondary caries

– Package of 15 g Powder + 10 g liquid in shade A2 or A3

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