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CALASEPT has a very high content of calcium hydroxide (>41%) which gives it a

high concentration of hydroxyl ions. These generate a high pH value of 12.4 which

has a pronounced bactericidal effect, i.e. effective killing of bacteria.

A high concentration of calcium hydroxide also creates a long-lasting paste that can

release calcium ions for a long time. CALASEPT is a ready-to-use paste packaged

in air tight syringes for direct application through sterilized needles.



Packaging, Pricing:

CALASEPT 4U - $54.95

4 syringes, each containing 1.5 ml Calasept paste

20 CALASEPT luer lock needles


CALASEPT 2U - $30.50

2 syringes, each containing 1.5 ml Calasept paste

10 CALASEPT luer lock needles

Calasept composition






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